Essex Yeomanry Summer Camp 1912

In May 1912 Essex Yeomanry held their summer camp at Mark Hall, Harlow.

The Regiment was inspected by General Grierson, GOC Eastern Command and then training plus a the sports day were held.

Regimental Sports Day

Organisers - Captain A E Riggles-Brise JP, Lieut the hon R A Blyth, Lieut V Vine, Lieut J Chaplin ,QMS E J Sayer and Cpatain Seymour Gosling, Master of the Essex Hounds.

Section Hurdle race

1. D Squadron under Sergeant Ablin

2. C Squadron under Sergeant Draper

Individual Tent Pegging

Permanant Staff

1.Sergeant-Major Farrow

2. Sergeant-Major Yeoman


1.Sergeant Draper

2.Sergeant Ockenden


1. Private D McKellar  C Squadron

2.Private F Bosworth B Squadron

Orange and Banana Race

1.Private Turner C Squadron

2.Private W Brewer B Squadron

Victoria Cross Race

1.Private Wallis and Private Turner C Squadron

2.Sergeant Ockenden and Sergeant Ablin D Squadron

Officers Bending Race

1. Major Guy Gold

Prizes were presented by Lady Warwick who was thanked by Liet-Colonel Deacon who paid tribute to his recently deceased predecessor Lieut-Colonel  R Beale Colvin.

The following promotions were announced

SQMS Driver to SMS

Sergenat T Poole to SQMS

Private A S Belcham to Corporal

Private W R Hadler to Corporal Ordrely Room Clerk

Private G Baynes to Lance Sergeant

Private M Elliot to Lance Sergeant

Private R A Hoad to Lance Corporal

Private L C Deakin to Lance Sergeant

Lance Corporal N C Burgess to Provost-Sergeant

Lance Sergeant W C Howard to Sergeant

Lance Corporal E Gunn to Corporal

Lance Corporal R J Hodge to Corporal

Saddler A King to Corporal

Private J Moody to Lance Corporal

Private A Bearman to Lance Corporal

S S Corporal W Lewis to Sergeant Farrier

SS T Meridith to Corporal SS

Lance Corporal B Joscelyne to Corporal

Private G Schleuter to Lance Corporal

Trumpeter Plowright reverts to Private

Private Brewer appointed at Trumpeter

 Passes for promotion were also announced

For the rank of Sergeant

Corporal Dean

Corporal Gunn

Private Ledger

For the rank of Corporal

Saddler A J King

Lance Corporals

H B Joscelyne

E J Harvey

V S Diggens

L c Deakin

M Elliot 


H W Eldred

S w Pryke

H Bones

G S Crees

J W Salmon

E T Mills


S D Brown

R J Hodge