Essex Yeomanry Rifle Competition 1913

A competition was held in July 1913 at Middlewick Ranges, Colchester open to current and ex Essex Yeoman.

Highest aggregate trained Yeoman's course

1. SQMS Twyman  2. Pte Parker  3.SSM Hollaway   4.Cpl Eldred  5.Cpl Smith   6. Cpl Wilson

Aggregate not trained Yeoman's Course

1. Pte Blake  2.Pte Martin  3. Pte Prime  4. Pte Sutton  5. Pte Nevard  6. Pte Jordan

Troop Team Prizes

1. Ardleigh Troop  2. Harwich Troop

Ardleigh Troop

1. SS Smith  2. Pte Morten  3. Pte Abbot

Clacton Troop

1. Cpl Eldred  2. Cpl Wilson

Colchester Troop

1. RQMS Twyman 2. SSM Hollaway

Harwich Troop

1. Pte Parker  2. Pte Blake  3. Pte Annear

Ex Yeoman

1. SQMS Goldsmith  2. Cpl Diss

The prizes were presented by Captain J O Parker