Essex Yeomanry Officers 1920-1930

In 1921 the Essex Yeomanry changed title to become the 104th ( Essex Yeomanry) Brigade RFA

Hon Colonel

1920-1921 The Earl of Warwick

1921-1930 Brig General R B Colvin

Commanding Officer

1920-1926 Bt Colonel Eustance Hill

1926-1930 Lt Colonel E A Ruggles-Brise


Captain R W Sparrow

Captain O T Frith

Captain F E Hugonin

Captain E T Dobbie

Squadron/Battery Commanders

Major J O Parker

Major R A Thomson

Major R G Proby MC

Major H P Holt

Major J K Swire

Captain R Blewett

Captain R C O Parker

Captain J B Upton

Source- The excellent History of Essex Yeomanry 1919-1949  written by Captain P W Gee