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Regimental Information

1901-1909 Essex Imperial Yeomanry
1909-1921 A Brief History of Essex Yeomanry
1914-1919 Second Line Battallion
1915-1917 Third Line Battalion


  Colonel Richard Beale Colvin
  Lance Corporal 1370 Lionel George Cook  DSC  MM
  RSM Christopher Farrell
  Major Guy Gold
  Lance Corporal 51507 Harold Sandford Mugford VC

Before World War One

1797-1876 Volunteer Yeoman Cavalry Index
1901 Conditions of Service
1904 Essex Yeomanry Rifle Competition
1909 B Squadron Sports Day at Chelmsford
1910 Memorial at Chelmsford to Boer War
1911 D Squadron Dance
1912 Summer Camp
1913 Essex Yeomanry Rifle Competition

World War One


1914 Essex Territorial Church Parade Sunday
1914 Recruits from Chelmsford Rugby Club
1915 Ypres- Battle of Frezenberg Ridge
1915 Yeomanry men reported as wounded
1917 Arras - Monchy le Preux
1914-1919 Officer List
1914-1919 Awards to Officers
1914-1919 Awards to NCO's and other ranks
1914-1919 UK bases of 1st, 2nd & 3rd EY  during the Great War

After World War One

1920-1930 Officer List
1921 Old Comrades Dinner
1923 Essex Regiment History Committe Members

The history of the Essex Yeomanry dates back to 1796 when parliament authorised the establishment of yeomanry cavalry and units were formed at Epping and Chelmsford.

There followed several reorganisations although the Essex Yeomanry as we know it was formed as a Territorial Unit in 1901, initially called the Essex Imperial Yeomanry but in 1908 simply called the Essex Yeomanry.

In 1921 the role of cavalry was gone and Essex Yeomanry became part of the Royal Horse Artillery . In 1969 a further reorganisation saw the Essex Yeomanry become a signal squadron while further reorganisations have seen the role reduced to that of a troop within the Territorial Signals Regiment