Militia Groups in Essex 1415 to 1872


1415 Essex Men at  Battle of Agincourt
1599 Essex Militia In Ireland
1642 Essex Militia leaders at start of English Civil War
1651 Essex Militia Leaders at the Battle of Worcester
1659/60 Essex Militia Commissioners
1813 Yeomanry and Infantry Militia Units active in Essex

East Essex Militia Battalion

1759 Officers on formation of Battalion
1778 Officers List
1831 Officers List

West Essex Militia Battalion

1759 Officer List on formation of Battalion
1778 Officers List
1788 List of men missing from annual camp
1809 The Court Martial of Captain Stanes Brocket Chamberlayne
1831 Officers List
1861 Officers on Parade at Hylands Park, Chelmsford
1872 Officers at training